French Country Slip Cover Chair Set
French Country Slip Cover Chair Set
French Country Slip Cover Chair Set

French Country Slip Cover Chair Set

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You are looking at a set of Lovely French Country Slip Cover Chairs!


* Deconstructed Style with Patch work accents of European textiles.

* Featuring carved wooden floral details on Vintage Chair frame.

* Hand Painted with quality Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in beautiful Dropcloth, a taupe off-white Hue.  

* Lots of character including Gothic Style lettering of famous Italian Church.

* Chairs Sold individually at $225 per chair or $395 for both. 

39” Height 20 1/2” Length 16 1/2” Depth

We are storytellers, but we tell a story in a very unique way. We up cycle chairs by upholstering with unique designs using vintage and antique textiles.


The Story: 
Once upon a time there were two sisters, not by blood but by chance. They shared many similarities and would often finish each other’s sentences. They knew every detail of each others life, they knew how to argue with each other and how to make up. People didn’t know them individually but as a small gang...they were always together and never apart. When they were older each married and moved away from each other... in the space they were away life happened... they both had children, worked and the days went on and on until one day one of the girls Granddaughter introduced Grammy to Social Media. Curious to what happened to her childhood friend she began searching and there she was,
As if years never separated them. They arranged to meet both living in different parts of the country, they locked eyes with each other at the airport and tears flowed down. The friendship they planted many years before bloomed before their eyes.

Although time interrupted their friendship love always finds the way back.